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Maja product


my job and passion is to build solid branding pillars, create intuitive and slick website, and wrap it all up as a sellable product at the end.

Adobe DimensionMy name is Maja.

I come from Macedonia, a small country in South Eastern Europe.
I am a very positive and enthusiastic person.

My first intro to design comes at a very young age – just 12 years old. And since then Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator were my favorite hobby.

Thankfully, this hobby became my main obsession until 19 years and a real toolbox at my first workplace.

I have a Bachelor Degree in Information Systems, Visualization, Multimedia and Animation.

Nowadays, I still have them in my toolbox, but with even more tools I adore like Figma, Adobe InDesign, Affinity Designer, WordPress & Divi Builder, Webflow, Canva, and SVGator.



Adobe Creative Suite Master – Enter Studio

Marketing Fundamentals – Neon Academy

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing – Google

Digital Sales Certification – Google

Advanced Adobe Photoshop Training – Enter Studio

Accessibility – Uxcel

Inbound Marketing – Hubspot

i love to work with small brands.
Old and new.

About me.

Since 2012 I actively work in the industry.

I started as a graphic designer in local company called Letra and it cleared up where I want to see ME in the future. However, since UI/UX design wasn’t really declared as a specific job title in my country. So, my next job was a web designer where I designed and coded at the same time.
That job made me learn translate my designs into functional WordPress websites with no-code (jk, there’s sometimes CSS and JS).

From 2015, I focused all my energy to learn more about branding and UI/UX which made me love my job even more. I’ve been freelancing all the time and I still work with some of my first clients.

I love to build long time relationships.

What can I help you with?

My job and passion is to make designs that attract people who need your goods.

Project timeline from 0 to launch

As a product designer, my approach to product launches involves a holistic view of the entire process, from ideation to delivery. This includes market research and user testing to ensure that the product is meeting the needs and wants of its intended audience. I prioritize clear and effective communication with cross-functional teams to ensure that everyone is aligned on the product’s vision and goals.

Throughout the launch process, I continually assess and refine the product’s features, design, and functionality to ensure that it is meeting business objectives and user needs. And finally, I celebrate the launch with the team, take feedback, and continue iterating and improving the product post-launch.

brand identity & strategy
My expertise in brand identity and strategy can help businesses establish a unique and memorable identity that resonates with their target audience.

By working with me, businesses can gain a competitive edge in the market, enhance their brand recognition, and increase customer loyalty. I leverage market research and industry insights to craft a comprehensive strategy that aligns with the business’s vision and goals.

Through effective communication and collaboration, I ensure that the brand identity and strategy accurately represent the business’s values and offerings, ultimately leading to increased brand awareness, customer acquisition, and revenue growth.

Creative Direction
Here, my role is to develop and guide the overall vision and creative strategy of a project or brand. I collaborate with cross-functional teams, including designers, writers, and developers, to ensure that all creative output is aligned with the project’s goals and brand identity. I prioritize clear communication and effective collaboration to ensure that everyone is working towards a shared vision.

Additionally, I constantly stay up-to-date with industry trends and techniques to ensure that the creative direction is fresh, innovative, and effective. Ultimately, my goal is to deliver exceptional and impactful creative work that meets the client’s objectives and exceeds their expectations.

UI/UX design
I bring a user-centered approach to every project, ensuring that the end product is not only aesthetically pleasing but also intuitive and easy to use.

By working with me, you can expect a seamless user experience that enhances engagement and ultimately drives business success.
Through my expertise in user research, prototyping, and user testing, I create designs that are tailored to the specific needs and desires of the target audience.

By incorporating industry best practices and keeping up-to-date with the latest design trends and technologies, I ensure that clients receive modern and functional designs that stand the test of time.

Working with me means that you can trust in my ability to deliver designs that not only look great but also perform exceptionally well in terms of usability and engagement.

Web Development in WordPress (divi) or Webflow
And if you are looking for the best way to see your website live, this is what you were looking for. No-code web development in WordPress with Divi or in Webflow is the easiest way of maintaining a digital storefront.

Everything is set on a seamless process that starts with a thorough understanding of their needs and ends with a website that accurately reflects their brand and engages their audience. With my expertise in design and development, clients can trust that their website will not only look great but also perform effectively, helping them achieve their business goals.

Additionally, I provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that the website continues to meet their needs over time.

Product packaging
My product packaging service involves creating packaging that reflects the brand’s values and resonates with its target audience. I work closely with clients to understand their brand’s unique story, mission, and aesthetic preferences, as well as any regulatory requirements.

From there, I develop a range of packaging concepts that meet the brand’s needs while pushing creative boundaries. Once a concept is selected, I refine the design and collaborate with manufacturers to ensure that the final product meets quality standards and is cost-effective to produce.

The end result is packaging that not only protects and enhances the product but also makes a lasting impression on consumers.

Social media content
Your social media is the place where you make the connection with the possible audience. So, I will start by doing a research of their interests, what they like and follow, and how to get “under their skin”.

My approach involves conducting research to identify trending topics and hashtags, developing a content calendar that aligns with the brand’s goals and objectives, and creating custom graphics and copy that captures the brand’s tone and personality.

You also have the option to receive the designs as templates in Canva for easy access and modification. Whether it’s for Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin or Tiktok I strive to create content that engages and inspires audiences while driving brand awareness and conversions.

Be your digital Assistant

If you need someone that can handle everything you put in words or in images and also handle updates on your WordPress website, I am here to help!

I understand the importance of a cohesive brand image and work to develop a content calendar and research relevant hashtags to ensure your social media presence is strong and consistent.

I offer the option to receive your designs as templates in Canva, allowing you to easily repurpose and reuse them for future marketing initiatives. With my digital assistant services, you can trust that your online presence is in good hands and that your brand will always make a strong and professional impression.

Audits (web / social media)
A complete web or social media audit involves a comprehensive evaluation of your online presence to identify areas of improvement and optimization. As a digital expert, I will conduct a thorough analysis of your website or social media accounts, evaluating their design, user experience, content, and overall performance. This audit will provide valuable insights into your online presence, highlighting areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.

Based on the audit findings, I will provide you with actionable recommendations to enhance your online presence, increase engagement and conversions, and achieve your business goals.

With my expertise in web and social media design and content creation, I can help you take your online presence to the next level.

my process*

No matter the size or the type of the project the flow is the same.

Brand discovery

Are we a match? We can do a brief chat or a call session to identify your needs and desires


Work. Work. Work

When we agree on the timeline and the budget, you will receive a detailed flow.
And I will start working


Project launch

After some iteration where I will make all imperfections disappear, we will launch the project.

I also teach*

brand identity and strategy course with certificate

Brand Identity Design

18 LESSONS | $360

Looking to create brands that'll make people go "wow"? Join my brand identity design course and learn to make logos that'll make heads turn, colors that'll catch the eye, and a brand that'll be unforgettable!

Includes certificate

UIUX design in Figma course with certificate

UI/UX Design in Figma

20 LESSONS | $259

Join THE Figma party! In this course, you'll learn the ins and outs of UI/UX design and create amazing designs that will make you say "Figma-nificent!" Psycology, design principles and color theory included.

Includes certificate

Product design course with certificate

Product Design

6 LESSONS | $49 - Only in June

Ready to become the ultimate product design ninja? With expert guidance, real-world examples, and a whole lot of fun, you'll be designing digital products that will have everyone saying "wow"!

Includes certificate

Design in Canva course

Design in Canva

8 LESSONS | $89

Designing in Canva is also a premium skill! Learn how to create eye-catching graphics, stunning social media posts, and more in just a few clicks - all while having fun and unleashing your creativity!

web development in divi course

WordPress & Divi

16 LESSONS | $399

Learn how to build beautiful, responsive websites without any coding knowledge with our WordPress with Divi course! From customizing pre-built templates to designing your own layouts, this course is perfect for aspiring web designers looking to add WordPress to their toolbox.

luxury brand course with certificate

Luxury Branding

12 LESSONS | $289

The glamorous world of high-end branding, where we'll learn to create brands that exude sophistication, elegance, and pure luxury.

Work History

Since 2012 I actively work in the industry.

Founder and Creative Directior
UI/UX solutions for websites, web and mobile apps, and controlling the quality (quality control) of the work of the design team. Controlling the whole procedure from a user flow to full high-fidelity interactive web prototype.
Achievements: Improved my quality control skills.

Opensight UK
Head of Web Development
Leading the whole procedure from a client interview to a fully functional website as an end product. In meantime, composing UI/UX solutions for various clients. From a client interview, there they tell me what they have to last quality checking of the web development process. Working on user experience journeys and flow diagrams, then creating wireframes, mockups, and prototypes in Adobe Xd. Managing the development process and team, measuring their effectiveness and productivity.
Achievements: Became a full t-shaped designer (UX, graphic design, project management, WordPress, marketing)
Company Testimonial:
“Quicky understood our project needs and delivered on time.”– Simon, Co-Founder & CEO, Opensight

Further MK
UI/UX Designer
Working on user experience journeys and flow diagrams, then creating wireframes, mockups, and prototypes in Adobe Xd. Drawing illustration in Adobe Illustrator for website showcase purposes.
Achievements: Got really good in Adobe Xd prototyping and animating, improved my user experience knowledge.

Elemental Edge Digital
Website Manager
Using Thrive Themes and Architect, I was building whole websites for clients and internal projects. Helping around with some graphic design.
Achievements: Mastered making WordPress websites using Thrive Architect and all relevant plugis for best website’ performance.
Company Testimonial:
” Maya is an extremely dedicated team member who delivers quality designs. She is very talentedand also a lovely person to have as part of the team. We highly recommend her!”– Gabriel Both, Founder & CEO, Elemental Edge Digital

Inteli Solutions
Website Designer
Working on UI/UX designs for web and mobile applications.

Website Designer
Working on UI solutions for internal web apps and client websites and transforming them into HTML/CSS/Bootstrap code or WordPress website. Working on graphics for website purposes.
Achievements: Mastered working in WordPress using Divi builder and working with CSS/SASS and Bootstrap. Sneak peak to Vue.js


Worked with Improfit ai, Deliberry, Pilar, Pixelpropeller, Green Push and another 200+ brands.